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Vienna: the city of arts and culture!

I have always preferred holidays to far flung destinations over European cities on my doorstep. However, when I had the opportunity to take an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna, capital city of Austria, for a long weekend, who was I to say no! And boy, I was super glad I didn’t as I had a fantastic time, and it’s made me decide to explore more European destinations - so watch this space! Back to Vienna - I stayed at the Hilton hotel in Vienna city centre. It’s a fantastic business hotel (I highly recommend the breakfast) in a great location for getting around the city as it is opposite a mall, it has a metro station that goes directly to the airport and also various other parts of the city. Warning: if you can’t read German you will struggle with using the metro to get around. All is not lost though, the hotel will be more than happy to circle on a map how to get to places and the right stop on the metro. What struck me about Vienna was the beautiful architecture and history. Now, if you are interested in European art and history, this is definitely a city to add to your bucket list. If you are looking for a party or fast-paced city destination, keep looking! It is an affluent but slow-paced city. So imagine my surprise when I heard reggae, punk and dance music in the distance at the museum quarters. I decided to investigate and outside the Kunsthistorisches Museum, I saw various groups of people having mini concerts and rocking out! I actually think this image was a good reflection of Vienna and it's people. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and worldly Viennese people are, oh and not to forget, good looking!

Although I was only there for two and a half days, one of which was taken up with work, so I didn’t get to tour as much of the city as I wanted. Nevertheless, it was still a delightful trip. I can see why it was loved by artistic and cultural intellects, e.g. Freud, Mozart and Beethoven.


I’ve listed below some of the places I visited and a couple of other recommended places. For a bespoke Vienna holiday and/or itinerary, please contact us.

Ps: you must try a Wiener schnitzel, super köstlich (delicious)!

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