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How to get the best deals when searching for flights

Some people swear by the use of agents to find the best deals for flight tickets, and others think with the plethora of websites available, there really is no need for an agent. In the third camp, we have the usual trip advisor police who beret anyone for getting tickets from anywhere other than an airline’s website (because slightly cheaper ticket isn’t worth “dodgy deals”). 🙄

Well, I think all three approaches are correct in their own ways, the issue is when people rely on just one of the methods at all times! In my experience, one option isn’t better than the other, in fact, I have booked a number of tickets this year using all three methods. I generally agree that if the price difference isn’t much (although this rarely happens), it’s best to buy your ticket directly from the airline. This also has the added benefit of you being able to pay using miles (if you have them).

However, there are also plenty deals to be had by using ticket comparison sites like Sky Scanner and Kayak, as well as conducting a Google search. Finally, it may also be worth calling an actual travel agent, as they may be able to beat the online prices. Now this also doesn’t happen too often but it does happen - as proven by the last post on our Instagram page. Agents usually come in useful at busy times of the year when ticket prices have been pushed up. For example, Christmas, Easter, school breaks. So it is worth checking with them during these periods. My last general tip is that no matter how you book your ticket, it’s always best to use a credit card, so your purchase is protected. It can take a lot of time and effort to find the best bargain, and we understand that this isn’t something everyone will want to spend vasts amount of time doing, but the savings really can be worth it - like our last flight purchase resulted in a savings of over £700! If you would like us to find a flight on your behalf, do get in touch.

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