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Sunday on a Saturday: best brunch in London?

Sunday , 169 Hemingford Road, N1 1DA

If there is one thing I love, it’s a good brunch. Having tried various places (at one point, my girlfriends and I made brunching (is that a word? If not, it totally should be) a monthly activity), it holds some weight when I say Sunday is the best brunch I’ve had in London. And if you don’t believe me, the fact that there is always a queue to get a table should convince you.

This isn’t the biggest of places, there is no bottomless drinks option, and as previously mentioned, you will 100% have to queue (unless you get there at opening time). On a cold weekend afternoon, you will most certainly curse yourself for making the trip half-way across London for brunch! However, as soon as you are seated, none of this will matter.

I ordered the brioche French toast with a side order of scrambled eggs and sausage. Sounds very basic right? It was anything but; the caramelised banana and sauce was well-balanced by the creme fraiche, the berry compote was very fresh and thus a little tangy (unlike what you find in most restaurants), the texture and density of the brioche was just perfect and the sausage, let’s just say I still have memories of it. My brunch companions had the pancake stack and Greek yoghurt with granola, and those were equally delicious.

If you want interesting food combination made using quality ingredients with excellent taste, then Sunday is a must.

Brioche French toast with caramelised banana (inside), fresh berry compote, creme fraiche, side order of pork and leek sausage = divine!

Chai latte

The granola was absolutely delicious - perfect balance of nuttiness, crunch and sweetness

Ps: how awesome is the name!!!

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